Off-Duty Law Enforcement

We have a team of highly-skilled professional officers dedicated to delivering top-level armed security.

GSG Protective Services employs off-duty and retired law enforcement officers for certain situations. Years of training and experiences makes our officers skilled leaders in protective services. In addition, many off-duty/retired law enforcement officers have legal authority to make arrests as needed.

As premiere protection agents, these officers provide security services for a broad clientele, including:

  • Acts of violence
  • Alcohol serving establishments
  • Celebrities & VIP’s
  • Corporate executives
  • Estate security
  • Events subject to terrorist threats
  • Financial institutions
  • High-end housing associations
  • Movie theaters
  • Special events
Security Alert

GSG Protective Services offers a variety of expert security services. We apply a comprehensive screening and hiring process to ensure only the best officers are hired.

GSG is Here to Help

We provide prompt and efficient service for all your safety and security needs.