Importance of a Critical Incident Response Team

A Critical Incident Response Team (or CIRT) differs from security and safety protection, but plays a vital role in a variety of environments and for different incidents. Every expert we provide takes a holistic, integrated approach and is specially trained to handle high-level demands.

GSG Protective Services is ready to respond to any incident as a strong unit. This may include utilizing off-duty law enforcement, armed/unarmed security officers, retired law enforcement, former military personnel, emergency medical technicians, and other experts as needed.

Some Incident Examples:

  • Armed response
  • Civil unrest
  • Executive protection
  • Fires
  • High crime areas
  • High risk terminations
  • Increased security alert levels
  • Kidnapping
  • Natural disasters
  • Special events
  • Strikes
  • Terrorist threats
  • Workplace disruption
  • Workplace violence
Security Alert

GSG Protective Services offers a variety of expert security services. We apply a comprehensive screening and hiring process to ensure only the best officers are hired.

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