Loss Prevention

Ensure the safety of your facilities, employees and guests by regulating incoming and outgoing people, vehicles and goods. Create physical barriers, check-in points and more.

Loss Prevention

Internal Theft Accounts for 53% of Loss & Retail Theft Balloons Over $68 Billion

Loss prevention services not only deter theft and robbery, but also bring peace of mind to business owners. Achieve the maximum benefits by having GSG Protective Services officers on site to provide safety and security awareness to prevent losses that impact your bottom line.

We provide highly trained professionals to identify vulnerabilities and eliminate criminal activity in your organization.

GSG Protective Services provides highly trained professionals to identify vulnerabilities and eliminate theft and losses for organizations.

Loss Prevention is a Cost-Effective Solution

Unlike other areas of security, loss prevention services provide measurable results. The cost of lost inventory can add up quickly. But when potential thefts are prevented and property is recovered, this data shows how your money is put to work. It doesn’t take long to understand how invaluable loss prevention services can be to your overall business.

Civil Recovery – GSG officers take appropriate action to recover losses from individuals and/or companies. Criminal prosecution is not required for civil recovery. Clients are entitled to three times the cost for most incidents of criminal activity.

External Threats – Our officers are trained to observe, identify, and prevent thefts from occurring by monitoring activity within your business. In person and/or video surveillance helps reveal outside threats such as organized theft or shoplifting.

Internal Threats – Because losses can come from within your business due to negligence or employee theft, our experts are trained to observe employees for possible suspicious activity. Officers may pose undercover as employees or vendors. All activities are recorded in order to take appropriate actions, including possible prosecution.

Officers – Plain clothes and/or uniformed officers work to identify thefts and other criminal activity within the premises. Officers can be covert and pose as employees or shoppers. They may also perform non-convert activities such as monitoring CCTV systems.

  • Retail
  • Industrial/warehouse
  • Undercover

Planning/Programs – Unique loss prevention programs may be developed specifically for your business by evaluating all loss prevention areas of concern and identifying appropriate actions.

Secret Shopper Service – This “mystery shopper” service utilizes undercover officers to identify criminal activity and evaluate employee customer service. Officers can also make purchases to detect possible criminal activity.

Surveillance – Officers document activities and take appropriate action to identify and/or prevent criminal activity or improve customer service. Surveillance may be done on customers, employees, locations, or video systems.

Surveys – GSG Protective Services surveys all current loss prevention activities to evaluate, identify areas of concern, determine effectiveness, and make recommendations for improvements of programs.

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GSG Protective Services offers a variety of expert security services. We apply a comprehensive screening and hiring process to ensure only the best officers are hired.

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