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GSG Protective Services is a full-service provider of premium security services specializing in physical security, protective services, and security technology. GSG understands that safety needs may be unique in each situation and we pride ourselves in designing programs that meet client needs and expectations.

We are a regional company with a national footprint.

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Experts in Providing Peace of Mind to the Community

Clients come to GSG Protective Services because we are committed to keeping them, their events, venues, and businesses safe. Providing a consistent level of excellent service requires unique individuals who recognize security is not a “one size fits all” situation and will step up to the challenge.

GSG Protective Services

GSG Protective Services is a full-service provider of high-quality security services specializing in multiple divisions: physical security, protective services and technology.

Armed & Unarmed Security

Event & Venue Security

Access Control &
Video Surveillance Systems

Robotics Security

Private security services for every situation.


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GSG Blog

Learn more about common security concerns and issues with GSG Protective Services blogs.

The Undervalued Heroes: Raising Wages for Security Guards

November 8, 2023|Categories: Security Jobs|Tags: , , , , , , , |

Ensuring Security Guard Wages Remain Current and Commensurate with Their Vital Role in Communities California has witnessed a significant shift in the wage landscape, with the minimum wage for fast-food [...]

Adapting to the Times: The Transformation of Security Officers

October 18, 2023|Categories: Private Security Guard|Tags: , , , , , , , |

Security Officers in the Modern Era Meet Challenges Head-On In an ever-changing world, the role of security officers has transformed significantly over the years. From simple gatekeepers to multi-faceted protectors, [...]

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