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Instant Access with Portable Video Surveillance

Gain remote visibility with a Portable Video Surveillance System that provides remote site monitoring in a robust, self-contained unit. This can provide numerous benefits, including:

  • Easily view activity a half mile away
  • Wireless operation
  • Solar power/generator options
  • Alert system with sirens, strobes/make announcements
  • Mobile – short or permanent placement

Who is using portable video surveillance units?

  • Law enforcement
  • Construction sites
  • Warehouses & logistics
  • Educational and business campuses
  • Organizations with expansive acreage
  • Remote area locations
  • Shopping centers
  • Transportation

Benefits of Portable Video Surveillance

  • Help catch and deter criminals
  • Ability to move around when/wherever
  • Ability to make public announcements
  • Alert capabilities
  • Great for monitoring remote/traffic areas
  • Multiple cameras
  • No need for permanent installation
  • Rent as needed

Types of Portable Video Surveillance

Check Point | Commander 3400 | Gate Sentry | Hitch Sentry | Power Sentry | Sentinel

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