Stay Informed with Online Reporting

Video surveillance systems are only as useful as the incidents you can actually capture and watch. While it’s possible to monitor all security systems in real time, online reporting and analytics provides data for all the hours of video you may never have time to watch.

This information makes your surveillance system more efficient and security team more intelligent and effective.


  • Fast identification & correction of safety issues
  • ID trends, mitigate risk
  • Data/photo storage
  • Immediate text notifications
  • Track site visits by guards and supervisors
  • Increase accountability/transparency
  • Reduce insurance, infrastructure and/or maintenance
  • Masked communications to individuals or departments


  • Site surveys
  • GPS tracking
  • Trends & analytics
  • Checkpoint scans
  • Guard tours
  • Daily Activity Reports
  • Track vehicle inspections
  • Employee evaluations
  • Incident reports
  • Reference/update post orders
  • Geofencing
  • Recoding and picture taking for reports

Industry use:

  • Law enforcement
  • Arenas/stadiums
  • Schools/campuses
  • Office buildings
  • Warehouses/logistics
  • Government facilities
  • Financial institutions
  • Entertainment facilities
Innovation & Technology

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