Happy to announce our Recognition Award Winners today! These talented team players and leaders have won this award through the everyday little things they do to help out a client, their office, of their fellow officers. Check out who won and why:

Carson Office
Marcus Noble – Office Noble shows outstanding work ethic in his posts and has been very dependable. We appreciate his dedication to GSGPS and his fellow officers.

Culver City Office
Adrian Ochoa – Officer Ochoa has demonstrated great leadership in ensuring the safety of employees and customers at his post. He is quick on his feet and reliable in tough situations.

Tyshai Stowers – Officer Stowers has been a great team member at our studios. She is a very dependable person and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Officer Stowers is quick to adapt and a quick on her feet.

DTLA Office
Marquis Harper – Officer Harper continuously shows excellent customer service and is a always ready and alert. His work ethic has gotten him the praise of our client.

Las Vegas Office
Princess Smyth – Officer Smyth has made an immediate positive impact to our Vegas Team. She continuously shows excellent customer service to our team, clients and visitors.

Andrew Hitchcock – Officer Hitchcock has quickly earned the respect of staff and his fellow officers. He shows great customer service, day-in and day-out.

Reno Office
Daniel Christensen – Officer Christensen is always willing to help out his team and meet client requests. He has also taken initiative to help train new staff.

Quarterly Management Recognition
Tucker Joliff – Tucker is a very reliable and dedicated member of our team. We appreciate his positive attitude and work ethic.