GSG Protective Services Applauds Everyday Heroes

The third week in September (September 18 – 24, 2022) is designated National Security Officer Appreciation Week. It’s a time to recognize security guards and officers who are often the first line of defense during emergencies and public safety threats. These Everyday Heroes work to protect the community and provide physical protection and peace of mind. We want to pause and thank some of our top employees, all of whom have earned an Employee of the Month award. 

Security officers earn kudos 

Larry Aguilar – Municipal Agency – Security Officer Aguilar makes every site or situation seem like a walk in the park. He has been involved in use-of- force and handled himself in a professional manner through and through. Officer Aguilar is a reliable and consistent individual who can be counted on at a moment’s notice. Every time he works a site, we get bombarded with calls and e-mails begging for him to stay permanently. He went on a leave of absence for about a month, and upon his return, he was placed at a site he had never worked before. During the first week, the client praised his work ethic and asked for him to stay permanently. His customer service is beyond admirable.

Gilbert Baylis – Municipal Agency – Praised for his professionalism, Security Officer Gilbert Baylis is an armed response officer for municipal agency accounts. Employed for more than a year with GSG, his performance and communication are outstanding. He can be sent to any site, and it’s expected that clients will send compliments and thank us for Officer Baylis’s performance and willingness to go above and beyond.  

Jacques Belle – Studio in Culver City – Security Officer Jacques Belle has demonstrated the teamwork trait in many ways. He not only works well with others but will go above and beyond to make sure the task given is completed. He contributes to building a positive team spirit and supports everyone’s effort to succeed.

Eleazar Calderon – Municipal Agency – Security Officer Eleazar Calderon is an outstanding officer who is dependable and has impeccable attendance. He has not called off a day of work since 2019 and is always willing to offer support when needed.  

Aaliyah Cole – Studio in Hollywood – Security Officer Aaliyah Cole is an exceptional officer who continuously strives for greatness. Going above and beyond, she is very pleasant to be around and provides amazing customer service! She has been an incredible trainer and mentor. She maintains an ongoing open dialogue with her colleagues, tenants, and employees who need assistance or her expert knowledge. 

Jeron King – Studio in LA – Security Officer Jeron King is a great team player. He is willing to hold over for last-minute call-offs or if a coworker is running late. He has also picked up shifts on his days off to help with coverage. He is reliable, has a good work ethic, and is willing to train any new officer sent to the LA studio.

Jovany Lopez – Studio in LA – During a high-profile event in a studio in LA, Security Officer Jovany Lopez intercepted a trespasser trying to access the lot. His professionalism garnered high praise from the clients.

Manuel McCoy – Studio in Culver City – Security Officer Manuel McCoy continues to receive great feedback from our production clients and Culver City clients regarding his great customer service. He outshines others with his personality, smile, and positive energy. Security Officer Manuel McCoy was recognized by a client with the following praise, “His infectious personality and smile make my day. Anytime I walked by him, he had a big hello and kind words to say. He is efficient at his job and radiates positivity to everyone around him. I wanted to let you know what wonderful employee he is. Many in my office feel the same way. We work long hours, and to start off the day with a greeting from Manuel has made a big difference; I wish every studio had a Manuel!”

Reginald Poindexter – Municipal Agency – Security Officer Reginald Poindexter has done an outstanding job with regard to communication, teamwork, and respect. Whenever he or another employee needs time off, he ensures that they all make efforts to fill the shifts amongst themselves.

Kevork Terziyan – Municipal Agency – Security Officer Kevork Terziyan exuded all of GSG’s values; he has received multiple compliments on his work ethic, professionalism, willingness to support, and efforts to maintain a clean look at each location he has been sent to as a rover. 

Damien Torres – Studio in LA – During a high-profile event at a studio in LA, Security Officer Torres handled an extremely high volume of guests entering the lot in a way that did not create a traffic backup onto the street. He presented an attitude that kept guests from becoming frustrated with the check-in procedure. His professionalism garnered high praise from the clients.

Michael Wroten – Studio in LA – During a high-profile event at a studio in LA, Security Officer Michael Wroten presented extremely high professional service to guests upon entering the studio lot. It garnered high praise from the clients, and we are happy to have him on our team.

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