Culver Office

Derek Johnson – Officer Johnson has received praise from our client for his dedication and work ethic.

Rajarshi Shuvro – Officer Shuvro has been a great hire for our GSG Team and consistently does an outstanding job at his post.

Carson Office

Andre Luzano – Officer Luzano has shown a lot of dedication, especially in November, when schedules got a little more hectic. He maintains a positive attitude and always provides excellent customer service. He arrives ready to make the best of his day.

Dianey Crespo -Officer Crespo has a great attitude and is always ready to work. She has shown a lot of dedication to our GSGPS Team and has proven to be a very reliable employee.

El Monte Office

Cesar Bustamante – Officer Bustamante is great at handling tough situations and thinking on his feet. He was able to handle an incident with a customer with ease and professionalism. His efforts saved our client from losses and deterred additional problematic behaviors.

Dezirae Willis – Officer Willis has shown great problem solving skills with addressing a transient calm and professionally.

Las Vegas Office

Davion Riggs – Officer Davion has shown team dedication since day one. He is very well respected by our clients and fellow officers.

Chelesea Brady – Chelesea is a true team player that is constantly going above and beyond as a post commander helping the client, public, and fellow Officers.

Nor Cal Office

Nicholas Villanueva – Officer Villanueva has shown a lot of growth and development since he started with our team. He is a great team player and is always willing to help his fellow coworkers and management.

San Diego Office

Jade Hylton – Officer Hylton has gone above and beyond by stepping up to help with training new officers and meeting client demands. Our client has reached out, specifically, to highlight this officer’s great performance and customer service.

Upland Office

David Forrester – Officer Forrester has been a dedicated officer since day one. He continue to show his reliability and is very consistent in maintaining his great work ethic.