Security Officers provide asset protection and loss prevention in a variety of work environments. GSG’s uniformed officers are trained and focused on being partners with clients to meet all security needs.

Examples of Industries Served:

  • Community/ cultural spaces
  • Education institutions
  • Energy infrastructures
  • Entertainment studios, facilities and events
  • Financial institutions
  • Gated/ residential communities
  • Government facilities
  • Hotels/motels
  • Manufacturing, industrial, logistic facilities
  • Medical/pharmaceutical facilities
  • Office buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Shopping centers
  • Strike security
  • Transportation facilities

Security officers are carefully screened, selected, meticulously trained, continuously monitored and evaluated on an ongoing basis to ensure GSG is meeting client needs & expectations. All candidates go through a background check and their personality/integrity profiles are evaluated before being able to join the GSG team.

Prior to deployment, all GSG Security Officers receive a employee & client-specific training from expert management and officers. Topics such as company values, security, life safety and customer service are covered extensively and are hallmarks GSG’s employee development programs.

Security Officers

GSG Protective Services provides both armed and unarmed uniformed security officers who perform 5 primary services/purposes:

  • Reduce Risk and Loss  A uniformed security officer’s presence is a deterrent to criminal/inappropriate activity at any location.
  • Observe and Report – Uniformed security officers observe activity, document all information and report any criminal/inappropriate activity to the proper authorities.
  • Safety  Uniformed security officers help enforce safety policies, point out safety hazards, ensure safety equipment is accounted for and working, take appropriate action in the event of an emergency.
  • Protect Persons and Property – Uniformed security officers take all reasonable and necessary steps to protect persons and property, within the limits of local and state law. This may include apprehension of suspects and the use of appropriate force when necessary and legal.
  • Customized Services – GSG Protective Services can customize post orders per location that include duties such as locking up certain doors at a set time, checking in visitors, checking in vehicles, searching vehicles as they enter/exit, or any other safety and security related issues.

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