GSG Protective Services provides highly trained professionals to identify vulnerabilities and eliminate theft and losses for organizations.

Loss Prevention = Cost Effective

Unlike other areas in security, results can be measured more accurately with loss prevention. Potential thefts and recovered property are documented and help demonstrate “your money at work.”

Civil Recovery – take appropriate action to recover losses from individuals/companies that the client sustained due to criminal activity. Criminal prosecution is not required for civil recovery and clients are entitled to 3x the loss for most losses related to criminal activity.

External Threats – threats outside of the company, including shoplifting, thefts/organized theft, etc.  Officers are trained to observe, identify and prevent thefts from occurring by monitoring patrons in person and/or through video surveillance.

Internal Threats – threats from within the company, including employee theft, negligence, etc. Our officers are trained to observe employees and look out for any suspicious activities. This may include officers posing as employees or vendors. All activities are recorded for appropriate action.

Officers – plain clothes/uniform, able to identify thefts & other criminal activity within premises. Officers can be covert by acting like employees or shoppers. Officers can also perform non-covert activities like monitoring CCTV systems.

  • Retail
  • Industrial/warehouse
  • Undercover

Planning/Programs – a loss prevention program may be developed from scratch by evaluating all loss prevention areas of concern and identifying appropriate action.

Secret Shopper Service  also known as “mystery shoppers,” officers go undercover to identify criminal activity & evaluate employee customer service. Officer can also make purchases to detect employee criminal activity and evaluate their customer service.

Surveillance – officers may be assigned to surveillance specific customers, employees, locations or video systems. Officers will document all activities and take appropriate action to help identify/prevent criminal activity or improve customer service.

Surveys – a survey conducted of all current loss prevention activities to determine effectiveness. This includes identifying all loss prevention areas of concern, evaluating all current loss prevention activities and making recommendations to current programs.

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