Military Experience Applies to Civilian Careers

When transitioning from a military to a civilian career, many military veterans find it easy to apply their experience and skills to jobs in the security industry. Working as a security guard or security guard supervisor may be a more natural role. In such positions, veterans can find their civilian purpose, protect their community, and become an Everyday Hero while earning competitive pay and benefits. Here are the top reasons veterans excel in security jobs.

Applicable experience in hiring veterans

Multi-talented: In a world that requires ever-changing protection, security guards must adapt accordingly. Military personnel are conditioned to adjust to new locations, situations, and comrades. Being skilled in several different roles helps prepare vets for any issue that may arise on security assignments and switch gears as necessary to address the problem at hand.  

Quick to learn: Men and women in the armed forces are constantly in situations where they must learn new skills and concepts. They will excel at security guard training, and their background and ability to be a quick learner in the real world enhances a security team’s productivity.

Commitment: Adhering to security procedures and providing excellent customer service is vital for success. In the same way military personnel commit to challenges and make personal sacrifices to serve with pride and honor, that dedication applies to security guard duties where officers and guards are often first responders to emergencies and critical situations.

Dependability: Security team members must be on time and prepared for their assignments. The experience veterans gain while in the military often carries over to civilian life; they will be on the job and ready to go as scheduled. Additionally, it’s often common for vets to complete assignments beyond expectations and proactively seek improvements to security detail.

Leadership qualities: Successful security guards must be strong leaders because clients look to security officers for assistance and instruction. Military service teaches leadership, and veterans know how to command authority, even in crises. Many ex-military who begin in unarmed or armed security guard positions advance to security guard supervisor roles.

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