Working for a Top Security Company

What comes to mind when you think about a security guard job? Long hours standing outside in a tiny little shack battling the heat, cold, rain, or snow? Boring and uninteresting assignments? GSG Protective Services leaves those concepts to the competition. A day in the life of GSG security guards is much more rewarding.

A job friends will envy

When you do a job you love every day, it’s not work. With GSG Protective Services, you can even land a job your friends will envy! What’s that, you wonder? How about an elite security position such as an armed or unarmed security guard in a professional high rise? You could even be assigned a security guard job on a movie location or TV studio lot. You’d monitor and authorize the entrance and departure of employees and visitors, many of whom are high-profile celebrities, producers, writers, and directors.

In addition to available full-time security jobs, it’s possible to be hired for a part-time security guard position that is so flexible it fits your busy schedule. These positions are perfect for students, single parents, or people with other daily obligations. On the job, you are a valuable resource to a community that relies on your expertise; become an Everyday Hero.

Hello, benefits!

When you are hired by GSG Protective Services, as a GSG security guard you’re going to earn more than just a competitive salary. Our benefits packages include health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, group term life insurance (GTL), 401K plan, vacation, sick paid time off (STO), employee recognition programs, and training opportunities. That means that yes, you can go to the doctor. You can get your teeth cleaned. You will be appreciated for your work and have opportunities to advance into leadership roles and better pay.

Join our team

Does security work sound like something of interest to you? GSG Protective Services is a full-service provider of high-quality security services. Our team is growing, and we are hiring. Take a look at job opportunities near you.