Loss Prevention 101

According to the National Retail Federation, inventory shrinkage is largely attributed to shoplifting (36%) and employee theft (33%). Shrinkage can be determined by comparing the value of your inventory versus the total inventory you have- losses during transportation, storage or in retail are subtracted from your original inventory value. Along with shoplifting (external theft) and … Continue reading Loss Prevention 101

Why Celebrities Spend So Much On Security

Though the concept of private security might be considered to be relatively modern, the reality is that some form of private security has existed for centuries. Ancient Egyptian pharaohs hired private security guards for personal protection, as did the ancient Romans, emperors especially, during the Byzantine Empire to protect their families and property. Bodyguard’s Role … Continue reading Why Celebrities Spend So Much On Security

Top 5 Warehouse Security Challenges

In this article, GSG Protective Services is highlighting some of the pain points of operating a warehouse facility, with thousands of dollars in assets, a huge employee team and people/trucks continuously entering and exiting the premises. 1) Access Control – Checking In & Out All warehouse facilities have some sort of access control to monitor … Continue reading Top 5 Warehouse Security Challenges

Hiring in Desert Hot Springs, Palm Springs & Cathedral City

Happy Monday GSGPS Team! Our GSG Protective Services Offices are currently hiring for armed security officers in the areas of Desert Hot Springs, Palm Springs, and Cathedral City. Armed guard positions require more training/certifications, so pay is competitive. You will need the following: Valid guard card Weapons permit Baton permit Chemical weapons certification Ownership of … Continue reading Hiring in Desert Hot Springs, Palm Springs & Cathedral City