It’s not uncommon to see K9 security around airports, large arenas and/or at music festivals. This is because K9s are able to provide an additional layer of security to complex events and venues. Their keen senses and visual presence do a lot to deter criminal behavior and act as a proactive form of security, rather than simply react if something goes wrong. Here are a few ways events benefit from having a K9 security team to supplement their security efforts:

Advanced training: K9 security dogs are trained and tested daily; this helps keep K9s sharp and reliable. Their daily practice and expertise, helps focus their senses and allows for the incorporation of new training techniques and trends.

Accuracy: Even while items are getting x-rayed at airports and people are getting patted down by security teams, airports will still employ K9 security dogs to aid with proactive protection. K9 security can do one thing that no x-ray system, person, camera or alarm system can do: be accurate, most, if not all of the time. Since K9s train daily, they know exactly what they’re looking for and they don’t need to peek inside your bags to find it. In turn, this is a huge timesaver for all incoming and outgoing visitors of your event.

Fine-tuned defense & offense: Aside from their excellent senses and the visual deterrent they provide, K9 security dogs are always ready to defend their handlers and attack on command. The instant something is detected or if a situation threatens to escalate, having a K9 by your side can really make a difference.

4x faster than humans: K9 security dogs are able to inspect an area 4x faster than humans. Their speed, smell and sight, allow for a swiftness that only they can provide. Finding the items, they’re trained to find, day-in, day-out, is the only focus they have; while surrounding security teams can focus on other day-to-day needs. Additionally, K9s are able to help swiftly vacate buildings/ large areas of trespassers- making them great field management partners.

Screen before & during event: It’s no secret that events take meticulous time and planning. While most places will hire event security for the day of, having a K9 to inspect the premises the day before and during the event, is a great way to save time, money and ensure your guests are secure. With the speediness and visual deterrent that K9 security dogs provide, your event increases in safety, without interruptions.

No blind spots: Cameras and alarm systems are excellent ways to protect your event and properties. However, they tend to be a more passive form of security, rather than an active and moving deterrent. K9 security dogs are able to be on the go, throughout your entire event, to assist wherever they are needed.

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