Culver City Office

Henry Pearson – Officer Pearson is always very punctual, friendly, reliable and extremely helpful during special events.

Ivan Hernandez –  Officer Hernandez was recommended by the Sony LT’s for Employee of the Month due to his outstanding work ethic and reliability. He is flexible and likes to take lead and assist in anyway possible.

Keeana Simon-Tucker – Officer Simon-Tucker is always willing to help out, whenever possible and continuously strives to maintain a positive attitude in every way.  Officer Simon-Tucker is a team player and always available whenever we need her!

DTLA Office

Krystina White-  Officer White is reliable and is always willing to cover shifts when needed. Officr White has been committed to not only the company, but to the branch and fellow colleges in ensuring they are safe; she does not hesitate to help out whenever possible.

Carson Office

Cameron Hefflin – Officer Hefflin, has been an outstanding guard. He’s been very flexible and always maintains a positive attitude.

Upland Office

Sarah Robello – Officer Robello has been a loyal and dedicated employee throughout her time with GSGPS.

Valley Office

Tyrrell Swain – Officer Swain is always hard at work, even when he encounters personal trials, he remains dedicated to GSG and his team. He is very consistent in his work ethic and does a great job at his post.

San Diego Office

Jesus Lutz – Officer Lutz has been a staple of client service to his account. Recently, his account went through a location and schedule transition, that didn’t seem to phase Officer Lutz. He handled the transition like a true professional and the client stated that one of the reasons they enjoy working with GSG is because of this officer’s dedication. He is a vital member of the San Diego Office’s success.

Nor Cal Office

Alexander Sitaruk – Officer Sitaruk has received praise from our client, saying that he has really taken charge in his position and been on top of reports and communication. We are proud of how efficient and timely Officer Sitaruk is with his work.

Las Vegas Office

Franklin Duck – Officer Duck has been with the team for over a year and has shown true leadership from the beginning. Officer Duck has excellent internal and external customer service and is well respected with the client and fellow officers.

Florida Office

Emmanuel Valdez – Officer Valdez has been a great team player for our office and his client sites. He is always on time, in complete uniform and has a positive attitude.

Reno Office

Gerard Jim – Officer Jim has gone beyond duties and expectations by not only assisting his team, but reaching out to other sites to help set up systems. Additionally, he follows up with those sites to ensure all is going well.

Supervisory Staff

Jessica Gonzales – We wanted to say a quick thank you to Jessica Gonzales for your hard work at our El Monte Office. We are thankful for your consistent strong work ethic and dedication to your team.