It’s can be easy to find a security company, but it’s not easy to find a security company that offers six different types of security services. These six different types of security include Investigations, Physical Security, Protective Services, Technology, Training, and Consulting. Let’s take a closer look.


This relates to background checks, intellectual property protection, private investigation, staff screening, undercover work, and more. In short, if you need a professional to deep-dive without being detected, then you’re going to need this service.

Physical Security

Think of security for day-to-day properties, tasks and large groups/events. Events may be such as a celebration, a concert, or anywhere else a large group is gathered, and that group needs to be protected. Along with commercial buildings, private property, warehouse facilities, etc.

Protective Services

If you feel you might be at risk for any reason, then it’s highly recommended you take advantage of this service. It’s one of the most important professional security services out there because it handles the tough areas in security that require more training and advanced officers. Protective services is for personal protection as well as proactive protection.


Technology has quickly become one of the most used professional security services. This relates to restricting entry points via use of technology, closed circuit television for monitoring, drones for following potential threats, and more. Security technology has made it possible to quickly deploy monitoring units at a moment’s notice.


This is self-explanatory, training is offered for any officers, civilians or companies to ensure the safety of their environments and to learn new skills.


If you’re seeking to learn more about fire and safety programs, risk management, security evaluations, and more, this is the service you want to focus on.


Everyone needs security in some kind of way, whether they realize it or not. It’s always best to have peace of mind, and you can find that via professional security services.