About GSG Protective Services

GSG Protective Services is classified as a regional security firm with strong national ties, so we can be anywhere with one dedicated goal in mind: providing our clients with excellent customer service and security. GSG Protective Services has strategically established regional offices located in Los Angeles, New York, and San Antonio. These hubs provide superb support to other offices across the U.S.

GSGPS leadership has more than 300 years of combined experience in security, law enforcement, and military service. Our leaders are prepared for anything and continually work to redefine security in an ever-changing world. We use world-class technology, advanced strategies, and a powerful trained and knowledgeable workforce.

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GSGPS is proud to be a veteran- and minority-owned company.


To reduce risks with knowledge, innovation, and cutting-edge technology for people, businesses, government, and communities.


GSG Protective Services’ mission is to ensure the safety and well-being of our clients and team members.

We take our responsibility seriously to provide the best customer service and address all client and team member matters quickly and efficiently by providing an open and positive work environment.

Why Choose GSG Protective Services?

Not all security services are created equal. You deserve the best for your needs. See why GSG PROTECTS.


Our professionalism is rooted in quality of service and pride in our work.


Everyone is treated with respect. At GSG, we value different backgrounds, viewpoints, and cultures.

Open Communication

We maintain consistent and open communication with each other and our clients. Effective communication is key for providing the best service and applying informed strategies.

Training and Education

All our team members receive extensive training and participate in educational courses that exceed industry standards.


All our team members are empowered to provide a safe environment, while also providing excellent customer service.

Customer Service

Our business relies on the well-being and safety of our clients. In everything we do, we focus on exceeding client expectations and satisfying all client needs.


We find it’s vital for our team members and clients to work together as seamlessly as possible. GSG is devoted to creating an atmosphere of support and communication so everyone can thrive and be successful.

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