• Access Control – System to restrict entry points to regulate people, vehicles, goods and identify any potential suspects/intruders earlier.
  • CCTV’s – (Closed Circuit Television) Surveillance systems comprised of cameras, recorders and monitoring displays.


  • Drones – Significantly cut patrol time through drone usage and video monitoring. Review tough to reach areas from your operations center and collect live HD video. Ability to focus on suspicious activity and follow/zoom in on.

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  • Online Reports – Monitor all security systems and guard routes in real time with reporting and analytics.
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  • Robotics  – Mobile video surveillance based on parameters set to patrol your area.
  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) – Identification and removal of any bugs/unwanted electronic surveillance.

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  • Video Surveillance – Camera installation & surveillance. View and record live feed of at-risk location & deter potential offenders. 

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