The Startling Statistics Behind Shoplifting

One of the many services GSG Protective Services provides is loss prevention for retail businesses. We go incognito in plain clothes and help identify shoplifters and other criminal activity within stores. Shoplifting is a major problem for retailers across the country, and it doesn’t just affect their bottom lines; it overburdens the police, costs consumers … Continue reading The Startling Statistics Behind Shoplifting

K9s – The Ultimate Bed Bug Detectives

Dogs have been used very effectively for the detection of a wide variety of things which include but are not limited to drugs, bombs, and fugitives. And now we can add bed bugs to their extensive resume.  The bedbug-sniffing K9 team is becoming a popular marketing tool for many exterminators as a well-trained dog should … Continue reading K9s – The Ultimate Bed Bug Detectives

Security Technology – Overview

As security professionals, you encounter a lot of rising and complicated security technology- technology that is aimed at protecting individuals, organizations and goods. GSGPS wanted to do a quick overview of some of the more common and powerful surveillance technology. Drones Ability to see 1.5 miles out Zoom in on moving targets Cut time & … Continue reading Security Technology – Overview

4 Reasons to Hire Professional Event Security

One of the many possible uses for professional security services is at special events, which can range from concerts, to corporate parties, to community events. To highlight the importance of good security, your team here at GSG Protective Services has put together a brief list of reasons to consider using professional security at such events. … Continue reading 4 Reasons to Hire Professional Event Security