• Easily view activity a half mile away
  • Wireless operationPortable video surveillance units - cta button5.png
  • Solar power / generator options
  • Alert system with sirens, strobes/ make announcements
  • Mobile – short or permanent placement
Who is using portable video
surveillance units?

  • Law enforcement
  • Construction sites
  • Warehouses & Logistics
  • Campuses
  • Organizations with vast land
  • Remote area locations
  • Shopping centers
  • Transportation
Why are they being used?

  • Help catch & deter criminals
  • Ability to move around when/wherever
  • Ability to make public announcements
  • Alert capabilities
  • Great for monitoring remote/traffic areas
  • Multiple cameras
  • No need for permanent installation
  • Rent as needed


Check Point | Commander 3400 |Gate Sentry| Hitch Sentry | Power Sentry | Sentinel 

Check Point

Checkpoint - branded.png

Guard shack, gate control, video surveillance and alarm lighting technologies all-in-one.

  • Fast set-up & implementation
  • Spacious work environment
  • LED lights
  • Vehicle sensors
  • Gate control
  • Guard shack with heavy duty tempered glass windows
  • Multiple cameras + camera storage
  • Barrier gates
  • MPS Remote status monitoring

Commander 3400

UTILITY PIC3_edited-1-branded.jpg11139011_747101285404725_6750445229517837588_n.jpg

Ideal for rapid/temporary deployment, great for long-term usage. Multiple cameras deployed up to 36 feet, see up to a half mile away. Weather resistant, remote controlled, ability to self-charge or utilize generator.

  • Multiple cameras – PTZ, night vision, thermal
  • Sirens
  • Quick install
  • LED flood lighting
  • License plate reader
  • Vision analytics
  • Detection devices: PIR, long range, laser line, microwave
  • Strobe lights, 2-way audio, sirens and horns
  • Hybrid power systems: solar, wind, shore power, fuel cell
Also known as: portable video surveillance trailers, video surveillance trailers, portable video surveillance, onsite video surveillance units, and remote site video surveillance.

Gate Sentry


Wireless or hardwired, remote monitoring from your smart phone, laptop or tablet. Sleek, portable and great for either short and permanent deployment.

  • Multiple cameras for video surveillance – HD, thermal
  • LED flood lights
  • Recording & video analytics
  • Strobe lights (red/blue for law enforcement available)
  • Motion detection
  • Utilize for access control
  • 2-way audio
  • Pre-record communication
  • Wireless gate operation
  • Battery backup & solar power options

Hitch Sentry


“Force Multiplier” for law enforcement, emergency response teams, DOT & more. Easy and fast deployment- great for event recording and remote viewing.

  • Cameras – PTZ, HD, 30x zoom
  • 48″ storage, fits in canvas tote bag. 19.5 lbs
  • Powered from vehicle
  • Great for special events, high crime areas, emergency management, parks, etc.
  • 1-2 week video storage

Power Sentry


Mountable on light poles, buildings, fences and other structures.

  • Sleek, discreet
  • LED Lighting
  • Cameras – PTZ, fixed, day/night switching
  • Long lasting battery packages
  • Deterrents: strobe lights, audio, sirens and horns
  • Customizable color
  • Remote viewing



Great deterrent and site protection. Alarm capabilities and 360˚ video capture. Activity sensors, great for indoor and outdoor use, deploy in minutes.

  • 4 cameras, can operate in extremely low light
  • Strobe lights, audio alerts
  • 2-way audio
  • IR illumination
  • Access control: key card/ keypad reader
  • 2TB video storage
  • GPS, notification if moved
  • Email, smart phone notifications

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