What are they?

Mobile video monitoring units that place high powered cameras up to 30ft in the air and can oversee activity up to half a mile away.

Who is using it?

Law enforcement, construction sites, organizations that have vast/remote areas, warehouses etc.

Why are they being used?

  • Great for monitoring high traffic areas & events
  • Help catch & deter criminals
  • Ability to move around when/wherever needed
  • Wireless capabilities (battery/generator powered)
  • Ability to make public announcements
  • Ability to alert area via sirens
  • Multiple cameras
  • No need for permeant installation –> Ability to also rent units as needed
How can you learn more or get your own?

Portable video surveillance units can be purchased directly from providers or through full service security providers like GSG Protective Services.

Units may be available for rent as well and do run steep in cost. Therefore, payment and loan options are available. Working with your security provider can help offset costs. For more information or to request pricing email us at info@gsgprotective.com


Portable video surveillance units are also known as: portable video surveillance trailers, video surveillance trailers, portable video surveillance, onsite video surveillance units, and remote site video surveillance.