Fire & Safety Programs – Create and establish a plan of action for various fire/safety situations, relevant to your property’s work environment. 

OSHA Compliance/Issues – Ensure your property meets all OSHA compliance requirements and/or address any open OSHA concerns with the help of our expert team. 

Risk Management – Evaluate employee training programs, safety & security issues, IT security, conduct site surveys, etc. GSG Protective Services is happy to help review your facilities to identify any vulnerabilities and ensure the safety of your organization and employees. 

Security Evaluations – Evaluate your property, employee and guest security to ensure a safe environment and productive workforce. 

Threat Assessments – Proactive or reactive- address any and all threat assessments. 

Workplace Violence Prevention Programs – Ensure the safety of your property, employees and guests through proactive Workplace Violence Prevention Programs. Train your teams to spot key actions and/or who to notify if any concerns rise. 

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