Loss Prevention 101

According to the National Retail Federation, inventory shrinkage is largely attributed to shoplifting (36%) and employee theft (33%). Shrinkage can be determined by comparing the value of your inventory versus the total inventory you have- losses during transportation, storage or in retail are subtracted from your original inventory value. Along with shoplifting (external theft) and … Continue reading Loss Prevention 101

Why Celebrities Spend So Much On Security

Though the concept of private security might be considered to be relatively modern, the reality is that some form of private security has existed for centuries. Ancient Egyptian pharaohs hired private security guards for personal protection, as did the ancient Romans, emperors especially, during the Byzantine Empire to protect their families and property. Bodyguard’s Role … Continue reading Why Celebrities Spend So Much On Security

December Employees of the Month & Recognition’s!

Join us in celebrating the hard work & dedication of these amazing security officers & staff! We are proud to have you on our workforce! December Employees of the Month: Downtown Los Angeles Office: Janet Oceguera Los Angeles/ South Bay Office: William White Upland Office: Miguel Zurita, Ernesto Sedano Sacramento Team: Robert Armstrong Las Vegas Office: Curtis Malone Supervisory Staff: Angel … Continue reading December Employees of the Month & Recognition’s!