What is Access Control?
Access control is a security system that restricts entry points to regulate people, vehicles, and goods. Access control can be monitored using physical security and/or self-service systems that ensure only authorized people enter the premises. This is done by showcasing identification, cards, keys, or biometric identifiers (such as fingerprints).

Who is Using it?
Access control has been implemented in office buildings, high-rise buildings, schools, residential communities, government facilities, entertainment studio facilities. The goal of using Access Control is to create a safe and regulated space for residents, workers and visitors.

Why is Access Control Being Used? 

  • Better control of incoming/ outgoing people, vehicles, goods
  • Alarm capacity
  • Identify suspects earlier/ delay assailants
  • Prevents intruders
  • Deter criminal activity
  • Increases feeling of safety
  • Ability to admit and monitor visitors remotely
  • Integrates with other security systems (i.e. automatically lock doors in case of intruder).

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