Have you met our K9 Team yet?

Meet Kia, Joe and Cuervo:

These hard-working K9s are here to make your patrols and inspections easier.

In fact, K9s can inspect an area 4x faster than humans- that makes having one on your team, a huge time saver.

To keep their skills sharp, K9s train every single day. For this post, we wanted to share some behind-the-scenes moments on how we keep our K9s prepared.


In this photo, we see Cuervo ready to inspect an area. You also see the handler- always alert and in control of the K9 to help guide them to their location. Our K9s and K9 Handlers have all been expertly trained and certified.


For the following photo, we see Cuervo start their search of explosive materials. Most K9s are placed at entrances to prevent the passage of banned items and dangerous people. This is one example of Cuervo helping with Access Control at a warehouse facility.


In this third photo, we see Kia training to find explosive materials on her own. She is searching multiple bags to determine which one is the dangerous one.


Once Kia has identified the problematic, explosive containing, bag, she sits to indicate it for her handler. The handler will then take the appropriate steps to maintain order and safety for the surrounding people.

If you’d like to learn more about what our amazing K9s can do and how they can help you and your business, click here: K9 Security.

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