Protective security services can be utilized in many different ways. In some situations, having a critical incident response team may be your best option, especially if an incident is widespread. Personal protection is another service that can be used as a way to stay secure and safe. If you are a corporate executive or have a high net worth, for example, this type of protection can be critical for your safety; the environment you’re in is also a factor to consider.

Criminal Incident Response Teams

A protective service that can be a is a great resource during strikes, natural disasters or when civil unrest occurs is a critical incident response team. This team may include sending former military personnel or armed security officers to an area that needs assistance and/or safeguarding. This team is trained to remain calm and professionally assess situation and surroundings. The Critical Incident Response Teams are equipped to act and easy any tensions that arise.

Offering Personal Protection

Personal protection is a great resource to use if you are a person who is a corporate executive, foreign dignitary or in a position of influence. This protective service provides professional security officers who are trained to handle day-to-day activities, emergency responses and crisis management. Personal protection officers have levels of expertise and broad backgrounds, that help them complement your requirements and environment. Discretion and sensitivity are always followed while you are being assisted and protected.

Estate Security

Another excellent service that you can use to protect yourself, your property and your loved ones. is estate security. Our professional security officers have the knowledge, training and understanding that it takes to secure the perimeter of your estate and screen members of staff and vendors who want to enter your vicinity. Typically, individuals who have been involved in law enforcement are called upon for this type of work.

If you’re looking for protective security services that range from critical incident response, estate security protection to off-duty law enforcement and personal protection, you’ll find what you need with our pros at GSG Protective Services. Contact us to request more information and pricing.

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