John Martin, Regional Vice President

During the past summer months, our GSG Protective Services team provided security for the Downtown Stage Summer Concerts at Pershing Square. From July to August, Pershing Square hosted a variety of free outdoor concerts, movies and special events to foster and grow community.

The concert series included a diverse lineup, open to a variety of guests and to everyone in the family. The smallest event hosted, was made up of 1,600 people and the largest ran up to 3,400+.

All facilities, visitors and staff were protected by our expert team, who continuously went above and beyond on these higher crowd days. Our security team handled all service calls and quickly responded to any interruptions, to ensure the safety of all visitors and a seamless event. The LA Parks and Rec department, considered this concert series to be the “Best they have ever had.”

Security officers from all over the LA Region were recruited to work on the concert series and we are proud to say each officer gave 100%. We appreciate the hard work and dedication our officers put into making this year’s concert series a huge success and for consistently being true professionals.

Notable Mentions of officers that stood out:

1.      Rachel Cooper

2.      Alberto Rodriguez

3.      Lenee People

4.      Brion Parson

5.      Stephen Brooks – Patrol Supervisor

6.      Robert Villa – Lt. Patrol Supervisor

7.      Meredith McGlothin Site Supervisor

8.      Michael Stemage – El Monte Branch Manager

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