We are happy to announce some of the amazing people that won our Recognition Award in June.

These awards are handed out to employees who provide outstanding workmanship, amazing customer service or simply employees who we want to demonstrate an appreciation for.

Carson Office

Emmanuel Okoye – Officer Okoye is seasoned in his position and stands out because of his integrity. He is always an officer we can trust and is incredibly dependable.

Michael Edwards – While Officer Edwards is a bit new to the company, he has already demonstrated a strong work ethic and a positive attitude. He has been doing great in his day to day interactions with his strong customer service skills.

Ruben Avina – Ruben has been an excellent and dependable officer from day one. He is always looking to lend a helping hand and is tries his best to make himself available when his team is in need.

Culver City Office

Denise Carter – Officer Carter is always ready for her shifts and is dependable, even for last minute changes. She is an asset to the team and a great example of a dedicated team member.

DTLA Office

Ayodele Counts – Officer Counts is a great team player and always does right by the client. She is quick and flexible on her feet.

Enis Francis – Officer Francis goes above and beyond expectations, is an excellent team player and always offers great customer service.

Anis Khan – Officer Khan is always greeting visitors with a smile and is attentive to customer needs. They are a great demonstration of someone that goes above and beyond.

Nor Cal Office

Gilberto Mercado – Officer Mercado holds a strong work ethic and demonstrates a solid overall job performance.

LV Office

Christopher Diamond & Raul Lopez  have booth been a great value to our team and are very well respected by our clients and fellow officers.

San Diego Office

Miguel Duran–  Officer Duran is a GSG team player, who steps in to cover posts anytime he can. He handles tough graveyard shifts and has supported his fellow coworkers to ensure a secure environment.

Upland Office

Cheryl Bolton , Lance McGuire, Manuel Reyes, Deshon Johnson, Alberto Arroyo and Jesus Valencia have all demonstrated stellar work ethic and have stuck with our GSG work practices. They continue to exhibit excellent decision-making skills, regardless of their circumstances.

AZ Office

Officers Jabir Anderyous, Marval Polk, Joel Stowe, Katherine Garcia, Luis Bermudez and Nermin Dizdarevic have all been incredibly dedicated and flexible with their time. We want to thank each one of them for their continued positive attitude and impeccable teamwork.


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