Good Morning GSGPS Team!

We are excited to be sharing June’s Employees of the Month today!

We still can’t believe we are officially in the second half of the year, but lets look back at some of our star players in June for a little recap-

Carson Office

Rogelio Olivares – Officer Olivares has only called off once this year and when he did, it was with ample notice. He is always on time and ready for his post.

Culver City Office

Chaniece Cole – Since Officer Cole started at our studios, she has been a great team member. She’s always willing to help out with shifts and assist with new officers. She has great customer service skills and has a way of making all visitors feel welcomed.

Pedro Uribe – Officer Uribe is prompt, has excellent customer service, and excellent attendance.

Omar Gonzalez  – Officer Omar continues to step up for cross training and is always willing to help anyone in need.

Ernesto Soto  – Officer Soto works really hard and always has a positive attitude. Even when his day gets challenging, Ernesto is dedicated to his post and GSGPS.

DTLA Office

Hildred Francis – Officer Francis is a hard worker, is dedicated to GSGPS and has great customer service. She goes above and beyond her day-to-day duties.

Las Vegas Office

Christopher Park – While only being with GSGPS for a few months, Officer Park has already demonstrated his abilities to be a true leader.

Nor Cal Offices

Franklyn Adjei Officer Adjei has proved to be a dedicated member of GSGPS and has been consistent in his strong work ethic.

Reno Office

Larry Stevens – Officer Stevens has demonstrated a strong work ethic and has maintained a strong job performance.

San Diego Office

Juan Delgado – Officer Delgado has been a shining example of great work ethic and is a dedicated GSGPS team member. In an effort to help and accommodate his team members, Officer Delgado is flexible and dedicated with his shifts.

Supervisory Staff

Keilah Early – Officer Early has done a fantastic job working with our studio clients. She has been an incredible asset in strengthening daily site practices.

Upland Office

Kyle Garrett – Officer Garret demonstrates a stellar work ethic and sticks to all work practices. He exhibits great decision making whenever challenging circumstances arise.

Andres Muñoz – Officer Muñoz has shown an outstanding work ethic throughout his entire time at GSGPS. He is always going above and beyond, demonstrating leadership to his fellow coworkers and helping create positive experiences with visitors and clients.

AZ Office

Ryan Senff – Officer Senff has proven to be a dedicated member of GSGPS by always being willing to help, whenever his team is in need and by always demonstrating a positive attitude.

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