Check out the people that stood out during May at your local office! These employees earn recognition awards through their outstanding performance and customer service.

Culver City Office

Benny Adams – Benny Adams is a dedicated rover who has shown their dedication to GSGPS, clients and his fellow coworkers. He has proven himself to be incredibly reliable and is always willing to help- even if long days and tasks are at hand. We appreciate all your hard work!

Chaniece Cole – Cole has shown great work ethic and a positive attitude from day one. While new at her post, she approaches every day with determination and her joyful demeanor makes her a great addition to our team.

Christina Lawrence – Christina Lawrence is an outstanding officer that has proven to be reliable with our GSG Culver City Office and Ops Center. Her communication skills have helped day-to-day tasks run smoothly.

Gary Brewer – Brewer is a great example of leadership and is always willing to help with coverage. His knowledge of his site enables his shifts to run smoothly and efficiently.

Natalie Bussiere – Natalie has shown great dedication at our studio locations. She has been great to work with and is always ready to lend a helping hand.

Salvador Camarena – Sal is a strong leader for our Sun Valley locations. He has proven himself to be reliable and a tier 1 model for GSGPS.

Stephanie Ross – We appreciate all your flexibility and hard work, especially while transitioning offices.

Vernon Huskey – Vernon is an outstanding guard who is always on time and prepared in full-uniform. His customer service has always been excellent- regardless of who he’s talking to, be it a coworker, a client, anyone. He is representing GSGPS to the fullest.

Vivian Brown – Vivian has been a life saver in always being on top of her responsibilities. She has done a great job with badging and we are lucky to have her on our team.

Carson Office

Andre Frails – Andre is a team player and is always lending a helping hand. He always offers to hold over and provide any type of training for new guards.

Anthony Rodriguez – Anthony has been with the company for almost two months. In that short time period, he has gone above and beyond with helping with the needs of GSGPS, often being notified with such short notice.

Lasha Moore – Lasha has only had one call off this year and is always on time. She’s willing to help at any given time.

DTLA Office

Meredith McGlothin – Meredith is going a great job improving her site. The site has been put together well and the officers are happy with his leadership.

Robert Villa – Robert is always willing to help our corporate team and even helps out on his off days. We appreciate your efforts and the fact that you’re always so willing to show your support.

Upland Office

Alvie Tosh – Alvie demonstrates a stellar work ethic, work practices and exhibits great decision making, even when facing extremely challenging circumstances.

Ariel Aragon – Ariel also demonstrates stellar work ethic, is dedicated to policies and also showcases great decision making daily.

Edward Shaffer – Edward demonstrates excellent customer service skills while working with all the clients, tenants of the client locations, the public, government agencies, vendors and other employees.

Jose Camargo – Jose demonstrates excellent customer service skills and engagement. Regardless of who he is working with, Jose will continuously carry a positive attitude  and is helpful to anyone on his team.

Jose Cova – Jose has a dedicated work ethic and is a leader in his decision making.

Jose Gonzalez – Jose is very dedicated to a great work environment. With his amazing customer service, he is able to engage easily with coworkers, tenants and any clients.

Jorge Felix – Jorge has excellent customer service skills and is always willing to help and listen to any clients, tenants, coworkers and anyone else he encounters.

Manuel Ruiz – Miguel demonstrates great customer care and decision making.

Oscar Mendoza – Oscar is a great asset to our GSGPS team, with his insightful engagement of customers, clients and coworkers.

Shaunte Spears – Shaunte carries herself with a positive attitude that helps elevate the level of her customer service. She is always so dedicated and attentive.

San Diego Office

Andres Franco – Andres is always ready to work and has shown leadership in his decision making.

Christopher Gallegos – Christopher is always on top of GSGPS work practices and has proven to be very reliable at his post, especially when facing challenges.

Jason Trego – Jason demonstrates stellar work ethic and work practices as well as for exhibiting great decision making when in extreme safety and/or life-threatening circumstances.

Juan Delgado – Juan is a dedicated member of GSGPS and is always dependable. He has shown excellent decision making throughout his time at GSGPS.

NorCal Office

Anietie Bill – Anietie shows continued dedication to GSGPS and clients, ensuring safety to himself and others.

AZ Office

Joel Stowe – We can always count on Joel for assistance with anything from holding over or covering a shift, to making sure that any task assigned to him is completed to the best of his ability.

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