EOM’s May

Culver City Office

Richard M Hernandez – Richard plays a major role at our studios and is always willing to help other officers. Richard knows his position well, which makes any shift he works on run smooth and efficiently. His dedication to the position shows great commitment to GSGPS and his fallow staff.

Miguel Angel Diaz – Miguel comes in early to ensure he’s ready and knows what to expect during his shift. He is very flexible, has great attendance and is always willing to lend a helping hand. With his positive attitude and professional demeanor, we are proud to have Miguel representing our GSGPS Team.

Cindy Thompson – Cindy has a great attitude and carries herself professionally. She is very thorough, which helps our team have a smooth-running site.

DTLA Office

Tamika Hunt – Tamika has great attendance and goes above and beyond her duties. She is an excellent team player and a problem solver.

Carson Office

Rachel Cooper – Over the past couple of weeks, Rachel has really stepped up for GSGPS and the Carson Office; she is incredibly dependable and flexible. Rachel is always willing to help and always makes herself available for new duties and responsibilities.

Upland Office

Heather Butterfield – Heather goes above and beyond her basic work duties and demonstrates leadership, determination, and commitment to GSGPS, our customers and herself.

Jasper Russell – Jasper has shown outstanding work throughout his employment with GSGPS and is always ready to go above and beyond his responsibilities. We are proud of his commitment to excellent service- both internally to our GSGPS Team, but also to all clients.

San Diego Office

Jonathan Carcano – Johnathan has shown a great deal of commitment to his post,  colleagues and anyone he comes in contact with. He has been reliable and has stepped into leadership opportunities with dedication and a greatattitude.

Reno Office

Cesar Davalos – Carlos ensures all his sites are safe and meet go above the client’s expectations. Cesar also works great with others and is always helping coworkers shine in their performance reviews.

NorCal Office

Jason Lail  – Jason continues to show great personal growth by  stepping up to ensure everyone is working as a team. Jason is very dedicated to helping others grow and feel welcomed to the GSGPS family.

Las Vegas Office

Robert Miller  – Robert continuously brings a positive attitude to work and maintains a great work ethic.

NY/FL Office

Reginald Richardson  – Reginald is a great representation for GSGPS- he is very reliable and self-sufficient. We applaud you for the work you did at CIT Livingston.

Supervisory Staff Office

Crystal Perez – Crystal has been doing a great job handling special events and ODO’s. She has been very consistent and dependable in her work ethic.

AZ Office

Eric Stidhum – In the short time he has been here, Eric has already proven himself to be a valuable member of the team.

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