This month, we’re reviewing K9 Security- all the benefits and challenges these smart, agile and versatile pups can tackle.

What Can K9’s Detect?
There are a variety of things K9’s can detect based on their training and certifications.
Here’s a list of some things K9’s are able to sniff out:
– Bed bugs
– Bombs and explosive material
– Cellphones
– Contraband
– Currency
– Illegal substances, such as cocaine and heroine
– Mold
– Weapons

What are Some Benefits of Using K9 Security?
K9 security is active protection, while also being a very visual crime deterrent. Various locations will use K9 Security at entrances, giving officers the opportunity to prevent any wrongdoer from entering the premises or catching banned items early.

Also, considering a K9’s powerful sense of smell, exceptional vision, hearing and speed- a K9 is able to inspect large vehicles, cargo shipments, buildings, etc, at record times. They can swiftly reduce the time it takes for a variety of labor intensive tasks, while increasing security and efficiency.

With their fast detection and focused reactions, K9 Security helps officers address potential issues swiftly, while increasing the safety of the officers themselves. K9’s are also able to track fleeing criminals and lead officers in the right direction. Plus, if an officer gets attacked or is being threatened by an assailant, the K9 will be able to jump in
for the officer and enable a smoother apprehension.

Where is K9 Security Being Used?
– Special events
– Airports
– Commercial buildings
– Logistics facilities
– Healthcare facilities
– School campuses
– Government agencies
– VIP and executive security

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  1. Cassandra jackson i would ne interested in taking if offered a class if offered on having a k9 as a partner and train to be a female partner with the k9

    1. Hi Cassandra, that’s great to know! We don’t currently have a K9 class available, but will definitely invite you to join if we develop the curriculum in the near future!

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