Happy June Everyone!

We are officially 6 months into 2019 and we can’t believe how much has already happened! This year, GSGPS has opened new offices in San Diego, Florida, Carson and Culver. We have had a wonderful growth spurt and some great employees help us with this success.

We’ve officially started highlighting people from different offices and different work environments, such as our entertainment studios.

Here’s the breakdown on who won for April & what they did to stand out!

Culver City Office
Alexandra Silva – Alexa is a huge asset to our Culver City Office. She’s always ready to help and our security officers appreciate her assistance. She is also great at helping us with our training classes and making sure everything is always ready to go.

Hiam Achour – Hiam has a great work ethic and a positive attitude. Both of these things are contagious and she motivates people around her to work better and continue to grow.

Miguel Tapia – Miguel is a dedicated rover and has gone above and beyond for both clients and the GSGPS Team. He has great customer service skills and is willing to put in the hard-work at every post.

Aaliyah Cole – Aaliyah is a very reliable and committed employee. She maintains a great attendance record and always comes ready to help.

Katherine Orange –Katherine is a great asset to our Culver City Office Team. We are thankful for her hard work and consistent dedication to her post and coworkers.

DTLA Office
Michael Chambers – Michael always gives outstanding customer service and has a strong work ethic. He has proven to be incredibly friendly and helpful to both his team and our clients.

Carson Office
Mario Sosa  – Mario has not called off or had any disciplinary actions in the past year! He works long shifts and is one of our most reliable team members!

Upland Office
Sharon White – Sharon goes above and beyond her basic work duties and demonstrates leadership, determination, and commitment to the organization, our customers and herself. She has shown outstanding work throughout her employment at GSGPS.

Jose FloresJose continuously demonstrates leadership, determination and commitment to his coworkers and our clients. He has been a great asset to our GSGPS Team from the start.

Reno Office
George Cross – George is always very punctual and shows consistent dedication to his work and the safety of his environment.

Nor Cal Office
Belto Paredes – Belto is always prompt to respond to any duties with outstanding positive attitude. He takes pride in his team, coworkers and clients.

Anthony Bellamy – Anthony has been crucial to ensuring that our North Cal operations run smoothly.

Las Vegas Office
Darnell Morris – Darnell has a great work ethic and is always available to help out with any operations that come up.

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