If you read our recognition programs blog post, you’ll know that aside from having Employees of the Month, GSGPS also likes highlighting some outstanding employee work, through certificates and additional awards.

Here are some of the hard-working people that won this for their work in April 2019:

Culver Office

Denise Carter: Denise has been doing a great job and has shown to be a very reliable and dedicated to her position.

John Bales: John has continuously provided excellent customer service and has shown dedication to his position by going above and beyond his duties.

Jonathan Barajas: Jonathan has been consistently helpful in his position and to our clients!

DTLA Office

Markus Preston Rhone: Markus is a leading example of what being a great team player can accomplish. He has also demonstrated his agility through his independence and reliability.

Carson Office

Princess Lambert: Officer Lambert is being recognized by our offices and our client because of her vigilance and excellent communication skills.

Marcus Noble: Marcus is one of our most dependable officers and has helped us a lot with ensuring posts get covered and all work gets completed.

Raul Pelayo: Raul is a great example of someone who is dedicated and respects their work and post. From day one, he hasn’t been late, has been deiligent with procedure and has been praised by the client.

Robert Thierry: Robert has a great track record of being on time and present. He’s dedication and communication has been invaluable to our team.

Upland Office

Olawale Balogun: Olawale demonstrates excellent customer service while working with clients and surrounding people. We appreciate your energy and considerations!

Raphael Adeniyi: Raphael demonstrates excellent customer service at his post and to anyone that he encounters. He is a dedicated member of our team and makes putting the customer experience a priority.

Neil Downs: Neil is a dedicated officer with excellent customer service skills. He is a great example of what GSGPS strives to represent- professionalism with amazing customer service.

Jesus Lutz: Jesus puts in the extra effort to provide all clients and visitors with excellent customer service. We are thankful that he’s always so helpful and reliable to GSGPS and  the people he sees day-to-day.

Nor Cal Office

Anthony Latham: Anthony is dedicated to GSGPS and the client as well. Anthony always arrives with a great working attitude and goes the extra mile to meet client needs. He also shows great pride in representing GSGPS with a neat and clean uniform. Anthony is also always willing to learn more and grow.

Las Vegas Office

Omar Ramirez: Omar is great at being able to take initiative, leading and is always going above and beyond his duties.

Fila Berryman: Fila is a great leader who is great at thinking on the spot and staying on top of all post duties.

Xavier Cooley: Xavier is a new addition to the team but has immediately made an impact with his positive attitude and dedication.

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