The annual ISC West Conference & Exhibit is right around the corner and it focuses on all things security. We felt inspired to look back at the security industry and came up with some great technological advancements that have changed the security industry forever.

1) Tech & Access Control
Access control is a system that regulates entering and exiting people, vehicles and goods. The revolutionary thing about Access Control is that employees are now able to use their personal phones, cards, key chains or passcodes to enter and exit buildings.

Access Control is also great for tracking when your busiest times are and who is going where in the building.

2) Drones
Did you know that drone technology has increased the safety and well-being of security guards and their communities? Some security guards patrol tough terrain, including power grids, dangerous construction sites and busy metropolitan areas. Not long ago, these huge areas took hours to patrol and examine; drones are now making the process faster and are safely capturing live footage.

3) Solar Power
With the increase in renewable energy technology, some locations can monitor their premises 24/7. Imagine buying your surveillance equipment and not needing to pay the electricity bill on it. Solar powered equipment has also reduced security interruptions by removing the need for charging time.

4) Instant Notifications & Mobile
GSGPS uses a tracking and surveillance system called Track Tik. Guards with access are able to input their patrol routes or report issues, instantly. Supervisors and

clients can easily opt in for real time notifications and view the latest reports. Guards are also able to use this software to record and photograph potential evidence.

5) Remote Video Monitoring
Remote video monitoring has been around, but the ability to view monitored areas on multiple devices, including your phone, is quite new. Remote video surveillance makes it easier to monitor multiple locations at once and on the go.

6) Wifi Accessibility
More locations have started to offer WiFi recently, and a lot of new security tech now comes equipped for WiFi connectivity. For example, our portable surveillance unit, the Commander 3400, is WiFi enabled for easy, wireless, surveillance.

7) GPS
GPS has played a huge role in helping monitor guards and equipment. Using Track Tik, supervisors and clients can monitor guard routes and whereabouts faster than ever before. Equipment can also be tracked for maintenance and to deter unauthorized removal. It is the easiest way to ensure that your security team and equipment are performing at their best in their assigned areas.

8) Portable Video Surveillance
Did you know that you can put up a 36ft camera instantly? Our powerful surveillance units can be deployed at a moments notice, anywhere. Various units come equipped with license plate readers, sirens, 2-way audio and much more.

9) Robotic Concierge & Patrol
Mobile and on the go – new robotic inventions function as dynamic recording surveillance units, with customer service capabilities. Robotic technology is evolving fast and it’s being used to monitor and help guests with general FAQs.

10) Data & Analytics
Ultimately, the best thing about new technology is new insight. With video surveillance analytics, online guard reporting and digital tracking, security vulnerabilities are faster to identify. This allows for the increase in proactive security, strategies and faster identification of vulnerabilities.

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