Safety begins at home. Your house should be your first security priority because it is where you spend a lot of your time. Your home is also the repository of your valuables, your appliances, your gadgets and loved ones. Unfortunately, there may be times that unauthorized people, whether as individuals or in a group, will try to gain entry to your residence and compromise your safety and that of your family. Or, they may try to gain access to your valuables such as jewelry and electronics. In fact, one of the most common crimes that occur in these instances is Burglary. Here are some tips for you to be able to decrease your chances of being burgled:

Keep up with home maintenance: Make sure that any and all breaches and potential damage to your house is repaired. Burglars look for things like dilapidated windows that can be easily opened or gates that seem rusty around the hinges and look easy to forcibly open. Make sure to trim your hedges and shrubs to eliminate possible hiding places for potential burglars. Make sure your house looks neat and well-maintained: burglars tend to look for houses that look like there’s no one home.

Use your lights: Make sure that your house has adequate lighting, especially outside, near and on entry areas such as doors and gates. Place lights in areas that are dark, such as garden corners. Use motion-activated lighting for your front yard, or for full effect; use floodlights and super-bright LED lighting systems for critical areas in and around the house. These lights not only serve as a deterrent, but they allow your family and neighbors to see whether there are suspicious people lurking about.

Get yourself a dog: Dogs make great family members, but they also guard your house against potential strangers. Most burglars may be discouraged from entering into a house when they hear loud barking from the yard (or preferably from inside the house). Dogs may also hear and smell unfamiliar people around the premises and alert you to their presence.

Be friends with the neighbors: Your neighbors could be part of your extended security system: they can alert you if they see someone lurking around your house (and possibly alert authorities when you’re away). Sometimes you can even ask them to look out for your house and watch for strangers while you run your errands or go to work.

Mind your trash: Some burglars may decide upon a house by looking at the occupant’s trash. Large boxes for TVs or other appliances alert them to your recent purchases. Cut your boxes up into smaller pieces so that they fit into the trash bin. Also, make sure that you rip up or shred your sensitive billing and bank documents to avoid potential identity theft.

Be mindful of people who enter your home: Aside from your family, there may be other people who may come into your house: plumbers, cable guys, contractors, and even babysitters may be trying to see the inside of your home and its contents. People who enter you home must be vetted: use due diligence to do background checks on them, ask for references, and note down their names. If someone you don’t know is visiting, make sure to hide your valuables and precious gadgets. Make sure that you check your house and its contents when they leave.

Lock your doors and windows: Keep your house locked down, especially when you’re away. Avoid putting door hinges outside the house. Do the same for your windows. Also, keep your garage door locked. These measures can help to deter potential break-ins, especially if these locks come from reputable brands. Don’t scrimp on your lock budget. Use quality locks that are durable and stand up to wear and tear.

Outfit your house with a security system: Install motion-sensitive and overhead cameras, detectors, and alarms. Most research suggests that homes with a visible security system are less desirable targets for would-be burglars. Some systems allow you to monitor your house remotely even while you’re away. Put up stickers that announce security systems on your windows (even if you don’t have a security system in place) to deter burglars from breaking in.

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