At GSG Protective Services, we take pride in being able to offer the finest video surveillance equipment on the market to protect our clients and the people they love. Video technology has come a long way in the past couple of decades and has been used to spot everything from shoplifting and burglary to physical altercations and assault. But sometimes the images they catch are just plain weird. Here are three times strange criminals were caught or stopped thanks to video surveillance.

Would-Be Aluminum Bank Robbers

In the city of Santa Catarina, Brazil in April 2016, two would-be robbers were arrested for trying to “foil” the alarm of the local Banco do Brasil branch. Literally. Inspired by previous bank robberies, these two men covered themselves in aluminum foil to avoid tripping a body heat alarm. They had a power drill with them, leading cops to believe they had every intention of breaking into the safe. Unfortunately for them, the surveillance camera up above was watching them the entire time, capturing their faces and their escape before cops were able to show up.

Naked Cowboy Burglar (You Read That Right)

In Johns Creek, Georgia in April 2014, police finally captured a man that was spotted breaking into homes wearing nothing but a cowboy hat. His charges included burglary, criminal trespass, impersonating an officer, and indecent exposure. It all started with a car theft, after which the man broke into several homes, most of which were caught on home surveillance systems. He proceeded to drink beer, eat food, and watch football games of the homes he broke into, and finally got caught by the homeowner of the final burglary target.

Cattle Rustlers Arrests

In Auburndale, Florida in 2011, Ed Harvey Davis reported a number of his Hereford cattle had gone missing from his pasture. A week later, a cattle truck decided to run a red light, whereupon the traffic camera snapped a picture of the offender. Turns out this cattle hauler was a cattle thief by the name of Andres Tujillo, and that he and a friend had been stealing cattle from several ranchers and putting them up for auction (which, incidentally, was also captured on surveillance footage). Both were found and arrested within days of each other.

Video cameras are an effective deterrent and image capturing device perfect for catching thieves in the act. Hire GSG Protective Services to install surveillance around your home or business, and you’ll gain protection and peace of mind. Contact us today and see how we can best serve you.