Whether your school is hosting a VIP speaker or your business is hosting a VIP investor or client, it’s important to prepare and ensure that your VIP’s experience is both memorable and positive. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration, like, where you will have them stay, what kind of entertainment you’ll provide, etc.

If you’re expecting a VIP guest, here are some ways that you can prepare to ensure that their experience is a good one.

  1. Arrange and confirm travel well in advance. Whether you’re going to fly your VIP guest in from another country or another state or simply plan to drive them up from a neighboring city, be sure to arrange and confirm travel well in advance. You’ll, of course, have limited control over delays caused by weather or unusual traffic, but it would be far worse to have no plans in place at all, requiring your guest to take an Uber – unless that’s their preferred method of transportation.
  2. Make housing arrangements well in advance. No matter how long your guest intends to stay, it’s important to provide them with a “home-base” of sorts. If they’ll be staying overnight or even for a few nights, prepay for a clean, comfortable, tasteful hotel room or arrange an Air BnB or whatever suits your guest’s needs. Even if they will only be around for the day, provide them with an office space or private room where they can relax, wind down, prep, and have some privacy.
  3. Create an itinerary. Even if your guest has visited many times before, plan a schedule for them. Don’t pack their time full of events, be sure to allow for some personal time. It may be difficult to find the balance, but providing them with a structured outline, but having the flexibility to change it as needed and allowing for personal time no matter what will go a long way in making their experience more enjoyable.
  4. Include some fun. In addition to ensuring your guest has some personal time, make sure you schedule in some fun. Plan for sight-seeing or an activity only available in your city or during a certain season. Balance is all things is important and will help your guest to feel more a part of your city and have a more memorable experience.
  5. Ensure their safety. Perhaps most important of all is ensuring that your VIP guest is safe. Even if you don’t expect that they’ll be in any danger, it’s important to take precautions. At GSG Protective Services we offer personal protection, uniformed security, protection for special events, and even offer training for your in-house security staff. Contact us now to make arrangements for your VIP guests.