We are excited to highlight out August Employees of the Month today!

Who are our winners?

Sam Yoshikawa, from our Central CA Office

Cammeron Childs, from the Upland Office

Davine Germany, from the Upland Office

Rachel Cooper, from the LA Office

And last, but not least, Carlos Camacho who is part of our great Supervisory Team!

Once again, we thank you all for your consistent dedication, your work-ethic and your strength of character.

Employees of the Month get some nice perks when they win & if you’d like to share an experience of someone that stood out, please let your supervisor know for a potential nomination.

Certificates of Appreciation! 

Three outstanding officers have been awarded certificates of appreciation for the month of September: Bridgett Stovall, Marlon Jackson and Davonta Johnson.

Officer Stovall showcased excellent judgement and professionalism while working at one of our retail locations in September. Officers Jackson and Johnson showcased excellent judgement and restraint during a challenging situation the past month as well and ended up resolving everything quickly.

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