Dogs have been used very effectively for the detection of a wide variety of things which include but are not limited to drugs, bombs, and fugitives. And now we can add bed bugs to their extensive resume.  The bedbug-sniffing K9 team is becoming a popular marketing tool for many exterminators as a well-trained dog should be able to identify an infestation with the scent of even a single rogue bug.

If trained properly, dogs can be used effectively to locate live bed bugs as well as viable bed bug eggs. They can even locate cast skins, eggs, and excrement. This is an extremely valuable tool for business owners of hotels, motels, and apartment complexes as it’s vital to shut down a bug invasion before it spreads to multiple rooms. If the dog detects even the tiniest trace of bed bugs in their favorite hiding spots – mattresses, box springs, baseboards, carpeting, floorboards and electrical outlets – they are trained to alert their handler immediately.

Canine scent detection can be very effective but it is important to realize that every bed bug detection dog and handler team is different from the next and you need to find out exactly what you can expect from the team that is performing the inspection. GSG Protective Services can provide POST certified and non-POST certified K-9 teams for bed bug detection in your home or business. Our employees and their canine counterparts are ready to serve you whether it’s a simple matter of bed bug detection or something more serious such as a search and rescue mission! Contact us online or call 855-371-5300 for more information.

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