As security professionals, you encounter a lot of rising and complicated security technology- technology that is aimed at protecting individuals, organizations and goods. GSGPS wanted to do a quick overview of some of the more common and powerful surveillance technology.


  • Ability to see 1.5 miles out
  • Zoom in on moving targets
  • Cut time & costs for surveillance of large areas
  • Ability to navigate through confined spaces & tough terrine
  • Produce live HD video

Portable Surveillance Units

  • Mobile video monitoring units
  • High powered surveillance cameras
  • Can be 30ft high
  • Ability to see activity half a mile away
  • Great for monitoring high traffic areas/events
  • Criminal deterrent
  • Wireless capabilities
  • Make public announcements & alerts


Access Control

  • Restrict entry points to regulate people, vehicles, goods
  • Great for office buildings, schools, residential communities, government facilities, studios, etc.
  • Alarm capacity
  • ID suspects earlier / delay assailants
  • Prevent intruders
  • Criminal deterrence
  • Increases feeling of safety
  • May be integrated with other security systems


  • CCTVs stand for Closed Circuit Television
  • Security/surveillance systems comprised of cameras, recorders, monitoring displays
  • Monitor multiple locations in real time
  • Record activity
  • Criminal deterrence
  • ID vulnerabilities/areas of improvement
  • Stream to mobile devices
  • Utilize for analytics
  • Wireless capabilities
  • Inferred, night vision, facial recognition, license plate reader options
  • Traffic monitoring


  • Great for automated tasks
  • Inspect dangerous terrain (ex: toxic waste facilities)
  • Two-way audio
  • Video surveillance
  • Patrol large areas
  • Reduce employee risk
  • Criminal deterrence
  • Detect intruders, water leakage, air quality, fires
  • Ability to approach persons to ensure authorization
  • Wireless
  • Handles various terrain & weather

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