June Employees of the Month:

Gerardo Limon, James Lordan, Ned Young, Sara Alvarez

Certificates of Appreciation

A huge thank you to the following people, for their exemplary dedication and contributions to the successful conversion of a national account.

  • Diana Meraz
  • Khsouen Kol
  • Fred Wilson
  • Corey English
  • Jose Gonzalez
  • Cindy Alonzo
  • Kim Gomez
  • Carlee Rodriguez
  • Sara Alvarez
  • Aviancce Galvan
  • Crystal Perez
  • Dominic Hinojosa
  • Micheal Reyes
  • David Suttice
  • Robert Villa
  • Jamarion Herron
  • Micheal Stemage
  • Claudio Mella
  • Jonas Victor
  • Enrique Aldretemoreno

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