In 2016, Grand County, Washington was able to cut down an area’s inspection time from 3-4 hours to 7 minutes by utilizing drone technology. Normally, an inspection like this, for dams, would require workers to face dangerous conditions. However, by launching a drone instead, county officials were able to increase worker safety and decrease worker costs and liabilities. The drone was also able to produce live/high definition video for easy data collection and further examination.

In 2017, the Boston Marathon also decided to implement drones to maintain an aerial view over their 30,000 runners and 1 million spectators. Two drones were consistently surveilling the area to ensure there were no irregularities and to deter any injurious behavior. These drones were able to see a mile and a half out, zoom in on a moving target and follow it in case of suspicion.

Drones are being used more day to day for events and to cut time and costs for surveillance over larger areas. Their small frames allow them to navigate through confined spaces and surpass tough terrine. Some drones are even being used as part of home security systems; activating when sensors detect potential intruders and taking live video.

The FAA estimates that over 7 million drones will be flying over the US in 2020. Whatever your drone security goals may be and whatever areas you want to cover, GSG Protective Services has a comprehensive drone program to help meet the needs of any business or organization.

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