You can’t be everywhere in your store or your building all at once. That’s what makes surveillance cameras such a vital part of security these days. At the same time, these devices watch out for suspicious activity and act as a deterrent when people see them. At GSG Protective Services, we use cameras to help protect our client’s assets in many ways: making sure cameras are placed in the right place can make the difference between a stolen item or a caught shoplifter. Here are some locations in retail stores where cameras do the most good.

Entrances and Exits

Placing security cameras over the entrances and exits of your store are going to be the most important ways of identifying a suspected shoplifter. It’s common for thieves to steal the closest item they can get their hands on. A high megapixel network camera or HD analog camera works best for clearly seeing facial features and obtaining other vital information. Be cautious when pointing cameras towards exterior doors, as a lack of light can leave your subject in shadow and unidentifiable.

Customer Transaction Points

Cash registers are vulnerable targets for thieves, both ones that come in from outside and from those who work in your store. Dishonest employees can attempt to pocket cash from the register or give discounts and free merchandise to friends and family. Cameras in the right positions (even hidden ones) can help you identify who is acting illegally.

Target Areas

“Flash mob” robbery is becoming a popular method of thievery: a large group of participants will enter a retail or convenience store and steal so much at once that staff and security can’t handle them all. But even individuals can be crafty about breaking into things they shouldn’t. Placing a watchful eye over valuable target areas and items such as jewelry or electronics counters will ensure a positive ID on anyone who might dare swipe anything.

Secluded Spots

These can be the most difficult spots to monitor, as places like parking lots, alleys, and loading docks are often dimly lit. But placing a camera at these locations can help deter would-be criminals from loitering in these areas or stealing off with valuable property.

At GSG Protective Services, we can help install surveillance cameras and monitor your store for theft and damage. We can perform security as uniformed officers or keep an eye out for trouble as “secret shoppers” and loss prevention experts. Contact us today for more information on how we can help keep your property secure!

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