Multicam CMS and Control Center

The GSG Protective Services Multicam Central Monitoring Station program provides an overall central monitoring solution for high-profile security areas in commercial, industrial and residential use markets. Imagine how a security service center can utilize Central Monitoring Station solution to manage its heavy task of DVR monitoring and surveillance in a casino for example. Numerous MSGV Surveillance Systems may be connected with hundreds of thousands of cameras and integrated with IR sensors, motion sensors, fire detectors, alarms, and POS systems. The complete and powerful network structure of the Central Monitoring Station will effectively reduce false alarms and efficiently dispatch the security guards to any gaming areas and the surroundings to relieve alerts.


The Concept of MSGV-CMS
The Central Monitoring Station (MSGV-CMS) structure includes four independently developed modules: MSGV-Center V2 (Pro), MSGV-Dispatch Server, MSGV-Vital Sign Monitor, and MSGV-Control Center. Each module has different functions and can be quickly deployed as part of the central monitoring infrastructure. 

The basic functions of these modules can be summarized as follows:

MSGV-Center V2 Pro module receives videos and messages, records, generates event logs, and sends notifications on alert conditions such as intrusion, fire, video lost, and system breakdown from 800 channels or 500 MSGV-Systems simultaneously.


MSGV-Dispatch Server module balances Center V2 Pro network load, distributes client DVR requests from 25,000 MSGV-Systems to 50 Center V2 Pro, views real-time events, and tracks Center V2 Pro and Dispatch event logs


MSGV-Vital Sign Monitor module receives text alert messages from 1,000 client DVRs, outputs alarms, sends SMS or emails to designated people, monitors client DVRs' storage space and online status


MSGV-Control Center module controls, configures, views live videos, records, plays back, and manages I/O devices from multiple client DVRs, for the purposes of IT maintenance and site surveillance.

These are the basic concepts and infrastructure of the modules for a central monitoring station. These modules provide powerful and reliable solutions to centrally manage numerous MSGV-Systems and efficiently deploy the central monitoring capability. Furthermore, they are cost-effective since they do not require any additional specialized hardware to run the servers.


Multicam Control Center
The MSGV-Control Center software is an integrated security management system that provides a handy tool to maintain central monitoring station operation. MSGV-Control Center introduces a comprehensive solution that provides center operators with time efficiency to control networked MSGV-Systems and I/O devices. With MSGV-Control Center, multiple MSGV-Systems and I/O devices within a DVR server farm can be managed and maintained efficiently to enhance their monitoring performance and ensure smooth operation. 


Remote DVR Configuration: Full control of local DVR Settings

  • Important for large GV-Center V2 server farm: It is difficult to predict the number of requests from multiple GV-Systems to a server
  • Suitable for businesses or franchise stores: usually accompanied with a large cluster of networked GV-Systems in use and an enormous amount of surveillance service required
  • Streamlines networking processes: no single server will be overwhelmed from MSGV-Systems to MSGV-Center V2 servers


Digital Matrix View: Remotely monitor, record and playback from 256 cameras
The Matrix View is a single display where videos from a group of maximum 64 cameras will be displayed, e.g. groups of office area cameras, exit cameras, or street cameras. The MSGV-Control Center supports up to 4 Matrix View displays with 256 cameras on four monitors at a time. Depending on various surveillance needs, the center operator can open 4 Matrix View displays simultaneously to view more videos from different DVRs. Each Matrix View supports live monitoring, recording and video playback. 


Remote View Log: Playback of recorded videos from local MSGV-Systems
The Remote View Log function enables playback of all video archives from different MSGV-Systems. The security administrator can utilize this Remote ViewLog to save video clips for future event retrieval or for video evidence. 


I/O Central Panel: Group, manager and remotely configure I/O devices
The Control Center provides a useful I/O Central Panel for the security administrator to remotely manage all I/O devices connected with MSGV-Systems. Administrators can group function-related I/O devices together for ease of control, e.g. groups of IR sensors, alarms, or fire exits. In case of building fire, for example, the Control Center can trigger all alarms on the networked GV-Systems and force opening all the fire exits or water spray systems at the same time.


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